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The latest COVID-19 protocols for 2021 club operations are now posted. Check back regularly as these may be updated during the season based on changes in guidance from the state or the LCYC COVID-19 Task Force.
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The racing documents for all 2021 LCYC races have been posted. Please read as there are some noteworthy changes.
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Racing divisions are designed to group similar boats into classes of roughly the same quantity, balancing Wednesday and weekend participation. Start sequences are optimized for efficient Wednesday racing, and clear wind on weekends.

The list of Current Registrants is sorted by class and you can see where your boat fits. Please see the Racing Documents for Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions.

Here are the current class splits and starting sequences:

Wednesday Night Classes:
  • Etchells
  • Jib and Main
  • Spinnaker A (PHRF < 093)
  • Spinnaker B (PHRF 093 - 126)
  • Spinnaker C (PHRF > 126)
Wednesday Night Starting Sequence:

1. Etchells (Etchells Flag)
2. Jib and Main + Spinnaker C (Yellow Flag)
3. Spinnaker A + Spinnaker B (Purple Flag)

Weekend Classes:
  • Jib and Main
  • Spinnaker A (PHRF < 093)
  • Spinnaker B (PHRF 093 - 126)
  • Spinnaker C (PHRF > 126)
Weekend Starting Sequence:

1. Spinnaker (Purple Flag)
2. Jib and Main (Yellow Flag)

Ladies Cup Classes:
  • Etchells
  • Jib and Main A (PHRF < 159)
  • Jib and Main B (PHRF ≥ 159)
  • Spinnaker A (PHRF < 093)
  • Spinnaker B (PHRF 093 - 126)
  • Spinnaker C (PHRF > 126)
  • Sportboat (J/70, Melges 20, Melges 24, Rocket 22, Seascape 24, Viper 640, VX One)
Ladies Cup Starting Sequence:

1. Spinnaker (Purple Flag)
2. Jib and Main (Yellow Flag)

Spring is here! Time to finish up your boat projects and think about getting back to the water. Read the new binnacle to get up to speed on what is happening at the club this year and get you looking forward to long afternoons on the lake.


It is time again for the once every 4 year update of the RRS. The link below summarizes the major changes for this quadrennial.
The change of most significance to LCYC sailors involves the new definitions for "Finish" and "Start".
Changes to RRS 16, 18.1 and 20.4 and 41 are also worth reviewing.

Click Here: 2021 RRS Changes



The Lake Champlain Yacht Club is a member-run yacht club located in a sheltered cove on the southwest shore of Shelburne Bay in Shelburne, Vermont, USA. We offer moorings, activities, and community for our members, most of whom own a sailboat or powerboat. The object of the Club is to promote and encourage boating and sailing on Lake Champlain, while emphasizing racing, cruising, and education, without financial gain. Please let us know if you are interested in membership!

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Lake Champlain offers some of the best freshwater cruising in North America. The beautiful scenery and charming lakeside destinations make it a great place to explore. LCYC organizes several rendezvous events during the sailing season. Spontaneous cruising events also materialize throughout the season. We have a number of scheduled events planned for the summer season. Cruisers are out and about just about every weekday and weekend throughout the summer.

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The 2021 LCYC Junior Sailing Program

Lake Champlain Yacht Club has an active junior sailing program, open to all children ages 8-17. We use Optimist prams and Flying Junior dinghies for instruction and racing. Full and half-day sessions are offered for all ability levels over an eight week period each summer. All of our Instructors are US Sailing certified and have extensive experience. We also typically have two race weeks during the summer, the Lake Champlain Champ Chase Regatta and we travel to Lake George for the Cheeseburger Regatta!

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Lake Champlain is a beautiful venue for sailboat racing, with excellent competition, friendly competitors, and great participation. LCYC features a summer-long Wednesday Night racing series, an Etchells/Sportboat series, and weekend races, several of which are part of the the Lake Champlain Championship Series. Our friends at Mallets Bay Boat Club and Diamond Island Yacht Club also offer great racing events around the lake. LCYC also hosts an annual Viper 640 Regatta (currently on pause).

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