Fleet Members

# Owner Co-Owners Club Boat Name Hull Color Spinnaker Color Country Sail Bow
1 Bretton Gardner MBBC Zoraida USA 171
2 Stephen Booth Joss Besse LCYC USA 466 White USA 466 2
3 E Schulz Band on the Run White USA 707 11
4 James Unsworth Drew Hamilton LCYC Bertha White USA 740 7
5 James Unsworth Drew Hamilton LCYC Bertha White USA 740 7
6 John O'Rourke Jill Gagne LCYC Indecision White USA 859 6
7 Kevin Hawko Brian Irwin LCYC Preacher USA 1076 5
8 Don Brush LCYC Senior Moment White USA 1078 0
9 Scott Willard LCYC USA 1098 White USA 1098 9
10 Tristram Coffin LCYC Surprise White USA 1209 10
11 Ted Castle LCYC USA 1212 White USA 1212 12
12 Ernest Pomerleau LCYC USA 1300 White USA 1300 13
13 John Harris Doug Merrill LCYC Pied Piper White USA 1303 1
14 John Harris Doug Merrill LCYC Pied Piper White USA 1303 1
15 Rick Stevens John Kwiatkowski LCYC Rascal White white USA 1309 4

LCYC is a member-run yacht club located in a sheltered cove on the southwest shore of Shelburne Bay in Shelburne, Vermont, USA. We offer moorings, activities, and community for our members, most of whom own a sailboat or powerboat. The object of the Club is to promote and encourage boating and sailing on Lake Champlain, while emphasizing racing, cruising, and education, without financial gain. Click here if you are interested in joining LCYC!

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Lake Champlain offers some of the best freshwater cruising in North America. The beautiful scenery and charming lakeside destinations make it a great place to explore. LCYC organizes several rendezvous events. Spontaneous cruising events also materialize throughout the season. We have a number of scheduled events planned for the summer season. Cruisers are out and about just about every weekday and weekend throughout the summer.

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Lake Champlain Yacht Club has an active junior sailing program, open to all children ages 8-17. We use Optimist prams and Flying Junior dinghies for instruction and racing. Full and half-day sessions are offered for all ability levels over an eight week period each summer. All of our Instructors are US Sailing certified and have extensive experience. We also typically have two race weeks during the summer, the Lake Champlain Champ Chase Regatta and we travel to Lake George for the Cheeseburger Regatta!

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