Cruising Events

Each summer we have a number of scheduled cruising events as well as impromptu cruises. Cruisers are out and about just about every weekday as well as weekends throughout the summer. Below is a listing of scheduled events. We keep in touch and coordinate activities with regular postings on the “Cruising Board” located outside the Stewards’ Office and our active e-mail Listserve (visit the LCYC web site to sign up). We also tend to monitor Ch 72 while out on the lake. Look to the Cruising Board and web site for Host contact information and destinations.

  • Fri, 2023/05/26 - 17:00 to 20:55

    We will start the 2021 season by having a traditional supper on Friday evening before each scheduled cruise, but they will not be the usual shared food “Potluck” style. The format will be as follows: We will sit outdoors at socially distanced picnic tables with one pod at each end and we will eat our own food and take our dishes home and wash them there. If/when conditions improve, we can revise the format then and hopefully move into traditional potluck dinners. Check out the web site calendar for dates with weekend cruises with Friday night (non-)potluck dinners.

  • Sat, 2023/05/27 - 08:30 to Mon, 2023/05/29 - 16:10
  • Sat, 2023/06/17 - 08:30 to Sun, 2023/06/18 - 15:55
  • Fri, 2023/06/30 - 17:00 to 19:55

    Meet us at the club for dinner on Friday Evening. We usually meet around 5:00pm for a beverage and start the grill at 6pm.

    Please RSVP to: with number planning to attend.

  • Sat, 2023/07/01 - 08:00 to Sun, 2023/07/09 - 17:10
  • Mon, 2023/07/03 - 16:00 to 23:55
  • Sat, 2023/07/29 - 08:30 to Sun, 2023/07/30 - 15:55

    Fun Race to Kingsland Bay

    This is one of our premiere cruising events of the year -- all racing strategies are on the table and no rules apply! This is a pursuit race where the slowest boat leaves first and it ends when the last straggler shows in Kingsland Bay at the boat landing. Come one and all regardless of boat type, size, or propulsion method for a day of boating fun. Many folks stay the night at anchor in the bay, but it is a fairly easy trip back to the Club for those who just want to make it a day.

    We will meet at 8.30 for a captains’ meeting to confirm start times. We will monitor conditions to see if we can have communal food or if we need to bring all our own food, and make an appropriate announcement earlier that week. Do bring lawn chairs, plates, silverware and your own adult beverages.

    Those who want to join the race should send their boat name and PHRF to the Cruising Chair by the Wednesday prior to the event so he/she can arrange the start times.

  • Sun, 2023/08/06 - 00:00 to Sun, 2023/08/13 - 23:55

    We will set out in a southern direction with likely stops at Kingsland Bay, Westport, Port Henry and Crown Point Bridge. Monitor the Listserve, Cruising Board and Ch 72 for the schedule and whereabouts of this gang of cruisers.

  • Fri, 2023/09/01 - 17:00 to 20:00
  • Sat, 2023/09/02 - 08:30 to Mon, 2023/09/04 - 15:55

    Our destination will be decided at an 8.30 captains’ meeting and will depend on wind and weather. Keep in touch with the Listserve, Cruising Board and Ch 72 to find out where this event will go.

  • Fri, 2023/09/15 - 17:00 to 20:00
  • Sat, 2023/09/16 - 08:30 to Tue, 2023/09/19 - 15:55

    Our destination will be decided at an 8.30 captains’ meeting and will depend on wind and weather. Keep in touch with the Listserve, Cruising Board and Ch 72 to find out where this event will go.


LCYC is a member-run yacht club located in a sheltered cove on the southwest shore of Shelburne Bay in Shelburne, Vermont, USA. We offer moorings, activities, and community for our members, most of whom own a sailboat or powerboat. The object of the Club is to promote and encourage boating and sailing on Lake Champlain, while emphasizing racing, cruising, and education, without financial gain. Click here if you are interested in joining LCYC!

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Lake Champlain offers some of the best freshwater cruising in North America. The beautiful scenery and charming lakeside destinations make it a great place to explore. LCYC organizes several rendezvous events. Spontaneous cruising events also materialize throughout the season. We have a number of scheduled events planned for the summer season. Cruisers are out and about just about every weekday and weekend throughout the summer.

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Lake Champlain Yacht Club has an active junior sailing program, open to all children ages 8-17. We use Optimist prams and Flying Junior dinghies for instruction and racing. Full and half-day sessions are offered for all ability levels over an eight week period each summer. All of our Instructors are US Sailing certified and have extensive experience.

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