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The LCYC Race Management Group and the Regatta Committee have been working diligently to find a path forward to allow for some form of racing this season. We have bounced back and forth as things have progressed and restrictions have eased. We are taking a lesson from our Governor and are planning a phased “spigot-turning” approach to starting the sailing season. Here is where we are.
Pending final approval by the LCYC Covid-19 Task force early next week, starting June 24 we will begin our Wednesday night sailing with a practice race. The following weeks being the normally scheduled Wednesday night series, starting with “B2” on July 1. We believe this is in keeping with the Governor’s planned order to allow for organized sports events to begin July 1.
If turnout is good for the Wednesday series, we will attempt to phase in weekend events as well as the Monday night Etchells/Sportboat series. We plan to reschedule the Doublehanded Race. Stay tuned for updates.
We ask that all racers follow the directives set forth by State officials, the LCYC COVID-19 Task Force and the Board of Governors. A few main points:

• Members and guests are required to wear masks on the grounds, docks and launches.
• Please maintain social distance on the docks.
• Please remember to sign in, when you get to the club.
• Please ensure plenty of time to get to the race course. With limited capacity on the launches, it may take more time to get to your boat. Only 2 crew members may ride the launch to or from the mooring.
• We suggest that crews be limited to immediate family or other trusted households. Ultimately, it is the skipper’s decision whom to have on board.
• PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS ONE: The sailing instructions are changing in a very important way. We will be utilizing Appendix U of The Racing Rules of Sailing. THE SEQUENCE WILL BE CHANGING FROM A 5-MINUTE STARTING SEQUENCE TO A 3-MINUTE DINGHY SEQUENCE. This will help limit the number of race officials on the water. PLEASE REVIEW ALL SAILING INSTRUCTIONS PRIOR TO THE FIRST RACE.
• We are allowing folks to swap between Spin and JAM fleets. You must communicate this to the Race Committee prior to the start of the race.

It has been a team effort to get here! I want to sincerely thank all the fleet captains and the Race Management Group. If you see them, thank them. Lastly, if you have chosen not to race this year, we still need volunteers to run races. It would be a great excuse to get on the water with your family and would be a tremendous help.

Commodore’s Update—June 5, 2020

The outdoor awning went up on Tuesday, we began to offer launch service on Thursday, and the stewards will be on duty regular days/hours for the foreseeable future.
As part of our COVID-19 Exposure Prevention Plan, we are requiring all members to sign in upon arriving at the club to facilitate contact tracing. The sign-in book is near the stewards’ office. We have a stash of pens available. To sign in, use one pen from the "clean" jar, and after signing in, put it in the "dirty" jar. We are also offering an "Opt-In" way of signing in electronically, using your smart phone or tablet. Details are at the sign-in table.
A reminder—launch capacity has been reduced to 4 passengers. Masks are required when at the club, on the docks and especially when using the launch. If you need a mask, ask the steward on duty for one. Children under 2 are exempt from the mask requirement. The club has a couple of sanitizer stations set up to facilitate hand-washing. This is looking like the new normal.
--Charles "Charlie" Van Winkle, LCYC Commodore

The Regatta Committee and Race Management Group are continuing to discuss options for when and how racing might start this summer. Racing is currently under a state restriction that bans "organized sports." It has been confirmed with the state that sailboat racing falls under that restriction. As mentioned in an earlier email, we will provide a two-weeks’ notice prior to beginning any races. Stay tuned.
--James Unsworth, Regatta Chair

I hope this finds you well and brings a little joy into the summer ahead. Thanks to all for sharing not only your food and drink ideas, but also a little about yourselves and your stories. Good drinks and food bring all kinds together, no matter how unique and different. Everyone is on a different journey, but boating, the lake and social activities bring us together. Let's not lose sight that, at our core, it’s the people who make LCYC the very special community we are! Please click on this story's title to see the outstanding recipes, photos and stories from so many of our members.
All my love from one member to another,
--Heidi Lessard, LCYC Social Chair

Commodore’s Update—May 27, 2020
         The LCYC Board of Governors has adopted an Exposure Prevention Plan governing all activity at the facility.  The full text of the plan will be made available on the club website.  We are taking small steps toward club operation. Here is what you need to know:

  • All planned social and regatta activities are cancelled until further notice. 
  • Rescheduled events will be provided with sufficient notice. 
  • Maintain social distancing and do not congregate in groups of more than 10 individuals.
  • Members and invited guests arriving from out-of-state are expected to comply with state mandates regarding quarantine requirements.
  • Masks are required at all times on the grounds, parking lots, bathrooms or whenever you are in close proximity to others.
  • Stewards will be on duty working regular hours and offering launch service beginning June 4.  
  • Masks are required when using the launch. Launch capacity is reduced to 4 passengers plus driver.
  • The clubhouse and kitchen will remain closed until further notice.

For more information, please consult the LCYC COVID-19 Exposure Prevention Plan, click on the title of this story.
--Charles "Charlie" Van Winkle, Commodore



LCYC is a member-run yacht club located in a sheltered cove on the southwest shore of Shelburne Bay in Shelburne, Vermont, USA. We offer moorings, activities, and community for our members, most of whom own a sailboat or powerboat. The object of the Club is to promote and encourage boating and sailing on Lake Champlain, while emphasizing racing, cruising, and education, without financial gain. Please let us know if you are interested in membership!

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Lake Champlain offers some of the best freshwater cruising in North America. The beautiful scenery and charming lakeside destinations make it a great place to explore. LCYC organizes several rendezvous events. Spontaneous cruising events also materialize throughout the season. We have a number of scheduled events planned for the summer season. Cruisers are out and about just about every weekday and weekend throughout the summer.

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Lake Champlain Yacht Club has an active junior sailing program, open to all children ages 8-17. We use Optimist prams and Flying Junior dinghies for instruction and racing. Full and half-day sessions are offered for all ability levels over an eight week period each summer. All of our Instructors are US Sailing certified and have extensive experience. We also typically have two race weeks during the summer, the Lake Champlain Champ Chase Regatta and we travel to Lake George for the Cheeseburger Regatta!

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