Yachtsperson of the Year


Outstanding Participation in and Service to the Club
40th Year — 2012

In 1973 the Board, under Commodore Robert W. Henshaw, created an annual award to give special recognition to a club member, not then an officer or board member, who has shown outstanding participation in and service to the club.

To honor the Yachtsperson of the Year the Board decided to use a very special historic LCYC artifact, a large solid-brass cannon on a mahogany base, reacquired by the club earlier that year after having been forgotten in storage for 35 years.

In 1982, under Commodore Robert Dunn, the Board determined that the cannon was such an historic and monumental relic of early LCYC, having been used as the club's ceremonial cannon from 1909 to 1938, that it should become the ceremonial cannon of the modern club as well. Jay Trumper refurbished it and modified it to be able to fire today's 10-guage shells.

To replace the cannon as the traveling Yachtsperson of the Year trophy the Board acquired a large brass hanging oil lamp. Recognition that year went posthumously to William B. Archey, a fun-loving, gregarious, bear of a man who had died too young that year. Bill loved the club and helped out with anything and everything. He was an avid family cruiser as well as a diligent but mostly non-competitive racer.

The Board believed that Bill was a notable representative of the type of member the Yachtsperson of the Year award was intended to recognize and they memorialized him by naming the new trophy in his honor.

Engraved on the lamp:


Brass Cannon:
1973 Charles R. Bowen
1974 Robert V. Schumacher
1975 William C. Brown II
1976 William K. O'Brien
1977 (not awarded - Board forgot!)
1978 Sheldon C. Rieley
1979 Jay M. Trumper
1980 Jack S. Chase
1981 Jack P. Stephens (Posthumously)
Brass Oil Lamp:
1982 William B. Archey (Posthumously)
1983 Robert V. Schumacher
1984 Michael W. Lynch
1985 Berne Collins
1986 Pat & William C. Brown II
1987 Gardiner Lane
1988 Thomas Sproston (Posthumously)
1989 Steele T. Griswold
1990 James S. Brock
1991 Sheldon C. Rieley
1992 Jack Archey
1993 Dale D. Hyerstay
1994 Marcel Beaudin
1995 Jay M. Trumper (Posthumously)
1996 Fritz Horton
1997 Robert Deane (Posthumously)
1998 Allyn Lewis
1999 Robert Platt
2000 Douglas Viehmann
2001 John M. Dinse
2002 Ernie & Bette Reuter
2003 Robert Goodwin
2004 Michael W. Lynch
2005 Ernie Reuter
2006 Steven & Laurie Landau
2007 John Dupee
2008 Gene Cloutier
2009 Marcel Beaudin
2010 Dale Hyerstay
2011 Bruce & Carol Hill
2012 Bob & Thea Platt
2013 Scott & Kendra Bowen
2014 Keith Kennedy
2015 John Harris
2016 Jason Hyerstay and Jay Heaslip
2017 Lois Lynch
2018 Bob Schumacher
2019 Wes Daum and Beth Thorpe
2020 Dr. Gerald Davis and Dr. James Slauterback
2021 Tom Glynn
2022 Jean Sievert
2023 Chris and Jenny Leopold

LCYC is a member-run yacht club located in a sheltered cove on the southwest shore of Shelburne Bay in Shelburne, Vermont, USA. We offer moorings, activities, and community for our members, most of whom own a sailboat or powerboat. The object of the Club is to promote and encourage boating and sailing on Lake Champlain, while emphasizing racing, cruising, and education, without financial gain. Click here if you are interested in joining LCYC!

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Lake Champlain offers some of the best freshwater cruising in North America. The beautiful scenery and charming lakeside destinations make it a great place to explore. LCYC organizes several rendezvous events. Spontaneous cruising events also materialize throughout the season. We have a number of scheduled events planned for the summer season. Cruisers are out and about just about every weekday and weekend throughout the summer.

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Lake Champlain Yacht Club has an active junior sailing program, open to all children ages 8-17. We use Optimist prams and Flying Junior dinghies for instruction and racing. Full and half-day sessions are offered for all ability levels over an eight week period each summer. All of our Instructors are US Sailing certified and have extensive experience.

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