Practice Event


Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - 18:10 to 20:55


Wednesday Night


Primary Race Officer: 

Steve Walkerman

Practice Event - Notice of Race

Practice for racers and PROs

This event is designed to give racers some real practice before serious racing begins.

There will be two segments to the event. The first will be a series of practice starts; the second will be a practice race. The first warning signal will be at 1810.

There will be just three groups, Etchells, JAM, & Spin. All starts will be in that sequence.

For the practice-start segment there will be three or four practice starts, all in the normal five-minute sequential countdowns, all in the three-group sequence. Following a group's start those boats will sail a short way to windward then circle back off one side or the other to the pre-start side of the line to await their next start, keeping well clear of the group then starting. During this segment over-early signals will be given, but OCS boats should keep going and not restart. We may attempt to notify early starters, but probably will not.

For every practice start we will display the ˜Second Substitute' signal — look it up in your US Sailing RRS 2021-2014. This signal is an extended triangle shape similar to the ˜Postpone" signal, but the wide half is blue; the pointed half is white.

If you do not see that signal displayed for your next start, that start will be for your race segment. During this start, over-early signals will be made and OCS boats must re-start correctly. We may attempt to notify early starters, but probably will not.

The race segment will consist of four or five ½ to ¾ mile windward/leeward legs. If we need to shorten the course, standard RRS and LCYC rules will apply.

Beginning on Spring work day a copy of this notice will be posted on the RMG bulletin board at the clubhouse. Extra copies will be available inside the glass door of that same bulletin board.

The format of this event will provide practice not only for racers, but also for members of the Race Management Group and our scorer.

Race Management: 

LCYC relies on racers volunteering to serve as PRO or Race Committee. Each racing LCYC boat owner is expected to serve as PRO or Race Committee for a minimum of one race each season. Login to the website to sign up for Race Committee or contact one of the Race Management Group members about becoming a PRO. Please consider committing to a certain race on an ongoing basis. LCYC cruisers and non-member racers are encouraged to volunteer!


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