History of the Commodore's Cup


The trophy is a three-handled sterling silver loving cup. The history of the cup is not known. However, it bears the date 1909, and we do know that in 1909 LCYC sponsored the main events of Burlington's observance of the 300th anniversary of the European discovery of the lake by Samuel de Champlain. As part of that celebration LCYC held a regatta on July 8, observed from a waterfront viewing stand by President William H. Taft, Governor Winston Prouty, Ambassador Jusserand of France, and Ambassador Bryce of Great Britain. It is probable that as part of that celebratory year the club gave this trophy as special recognition to a member for exemplary extensive cruising on Champlain's lake.

At some time the trophy came into the possession of William S. Preston, Jr., Commodore in 1958, who kept it in the vault of his jewelry store. In 1973, when Robert W. Henshaw was Commodore, Preston gave the cup to the club to restore it to its intended use. In 1977 the board, under Thomas Sproston, Commodore, established the modern cruising award with this cup as the trophy.

Engraved on the cup:


For the first ten years, from 1977-86, the criteria for winning the trophy was totally objective and simple — recognition went to the member/boat with the most nautical miles as documented by the boat's log.

In 1987 Glenn Findholt and Dale Hyerstay, Rendezvous co-chairs, proposed to the Board of Governors that there was more to cruising than just logging miles, and that the criteria for awarding the Cup should be more broad-based. The Board agreed and voted that henceforth the trophy would be awarded to the member judged by the board, based in part on the recommendation of the Rendezvous chair, to be most worthy of club recognition for their noteworthy cruising-related endeavors, either in a given year or cumulatively, whether on the lake or in other waters. Criteria may include anything the Board believes to be pertinent, including the candidate's own cruising undertakings or experiences, their beneficent or safety efforts on behalf of other cruisers, or their efforts on behalf of cruising in general.

Logged miles:
1977 Alan & Sunny Olsson Keepsake Tartan 34
1978 James & Diane MacDougall Odyssey C&C 24
1979 James & Diane MacDougall Windancer O'Day 27
1980 James & Diane MacDougall Windancer O'Day 27
1981 Bob & Susan Bergman Summer Wind Irwin Citation 30
1982 Bob & Susan Bergman Summer Wind Irwin Citation 30
1983 Bob & Susan Bergman Summer Wind Irwin Citation 30
1984 Ken & Ruth Frost Aunt Meg Nicholson 32
1985 Chuck & Gerlinda Bowen Pass Auff Tartan 33
1986 Ken & Ruth Frost Aunt Meg Nicholson 32
Broader criteria:
1987 Bill & Pat Brown II Unicorn Mainship II 34
1988 Ken & Ruth Frost Aunt Meg Nicholson 32
1989 Rudy & Dolores Reinecke True Love Hunter 25
1990 Arthur & Pat Hill Falcon Sabre 28
1991 Mike & Page Caldwell Summer Snow Mainship 36
1992 Tom & Arlene Glynn Sundance Pearson 37
1993 Dick & Ginny Walters September Song Nimble Kodiak
1994/td> Larry & Roberta Coffin Dionis Hans Christian 33
1995 Peter & Tina Brownell Vanguard Catalina 34
1996 Dale & Alice Hyerstay Tumbleweed C&C 32
1997 Steve & Laurie Landau Winsome Tartan 30
1998 Glen & Marie Findholt Windspirit Cal 35
1999 Lou Chiriatti & Randee Bloomberg Secrets C&C 35
2000 David Schaefer Dream Weaver Endeavour 35
2001 [not awarded}
2002 [not awarded]
2003 Len & Lynnea Rosner Antares Sabre 362
2004 Ted Lattrell & Dave Kelton Windseeker II / That's It Hunter 34 / Hunter 34
2005 Sandy Jacobs Tug Capt for the Lois McClure
2006 Michael Caldwell & Paige Rieley Golden Marine Trader 38
2007 Shell & Penny Rieley Friendship Mainship 350
2008 Chuck Finn Mighty Quinn Catalina 38
2009 Chuck Finn Mighty Quinn Catalina 38
2010 Len & Lynnea Rosner Helped Pierre LaRoche take his boat to Lake Ontario
2011 Chris Hathaway & Debora Bartlett Cruised TromsA from LCYC to Gaspe Peninsula Sweden 34
2012 Doug & Merri Purdy Purdy Suite Catalina 42
2013 Dick Walters Impetuous Stone Horse 23
2014 Ernie & Bette Reuter Iemanja Passport 40
2015 Dick Walters** Impetuous Stone Horse 23
2016 Doug & Merri Purdy Purdy Suite Catalina 42
2017 Doug White & Martha Turek Turtledance Beneteau First 42
2018 Al & Sandy Lewis Sabrina Seamaster Cruiser 30
2019 Shell & Penny Reiley Friendship Mainship 350
2020 Todd Toensing & Beth Kohler Southern Cross Beneteau 435
2021 Bob & Deb Gurwicz Infinity Beneteau 43
2022 Len & Lynnea Rosner Antares Sabre 362
2023 Walt & Aimee Marti Coast Sabre 38
** posthumous

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